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My name is Laetitia Gordon-Furse, and I'm a founder of personal coaching company Lupa where I help people going through significant life changes.


The New Leaf podcast is a passion project borne from my own struggle with motherhood combined with fears and insecurities about 'going back to work', and what that meant for me in terms of my confidence and identity. The more I asked, the more I found that this is a universally emotional, practical and logistical challenge that many women are going through alone. So let's change that. 


In each episode I interview incredible ladies, and sometimes the odd bloke, to find out quite how they managed their own returns; in the context of their own busy lives, unique baby stories and personal struggles. We explore pre-baby and post-baby identity, in the age where the pressure for female perfection and ‘having it all’ has never been higher.

Welcome, to New Leaf.

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